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Visualising Data and Social Media on iOS

I’m currently trying to build an app that visualises Twitter data in a meaningful way, for people who want to track social activity surrounding particular TV shows, current affairs and trending topics. Today I’m looking at what’s already out there in social data visualisation apps for iOS.
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Gun Crime in Ireland – An Experiment in Ricksaw.js

Rickshaw.js is a “JavaScript toolkit for creating interactive time series graphs”. In other words, it’s a library that sits on top of D3 that specifically helps to visualise data over time.  Since we have been attempting to visualise activity on Twitter over a period of time, it looks like it’s… More

Visualise This

Over the past few weeks I have found myself mucking about with data visualisation. I say ‘mucking about’ because data visualisation and analysis is a science in and of itself and my finger-painting attempts hardly do it justice. Nevertheless, I have been learning how to take in a dataset from… More

Sep, 23

Global GameCraft

I was recently approached by Andrea Magnorsky of BatCat Games to see if I would help out with an event called Global GameCraft. I really got a flavour for homegrown events while I was working on State of Play so, naturally, I accepted.
So What’s All This About?
In their… More

Jul, 10


Luke, Elena and myself were tasked with creating a short piece based on one of the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales. Many of the original tales were gruesome and negative in their message so we decided to alter the story a little and reverse the roles of rescuer and captive.
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Jun, 03

MSc. Creative Digital Media Round Up

Difficult to believe as it may be, I have completed the taught section of my masters degree. I skipped off to Spain following my final presentation for a badly needed break. Over the course of the last two weeks I have had plenty of time to reflect on the academic… More

Jun, 03

Attempts at animation

My first attempt at animating a walking cycle from hand drawn sprites. She’s a little jumpy, but I’m confident I can work out the kinks. A whole 8 minutes by the end of the week will be tough.… More

May, 12